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#4 Donna Haraway, oder: wenn Semiotizität und Materialität implodieren, kommt das Denken auf den Hund

Teilmitschrift von mir, beginnend nach der peinlichen Vorstellung:

„But the title of the lecture tonight is in honour of my [?] Michel Foucault and so it’s called „Birth of the kennel, cyborgs, dogs and companion species“. It is, in light of my dephts, as a child who grew up with the milk of Darwin, Freud and genetically engineered organisms and transgenic elements such as plutonium. I read this lecture in terms of my family, my siblings, that are the milk of my mothers Darwin, Foucault and uncle mouse[?]. So that, this an inquiry into what I’m calling, borrowing the term from Helen Doron, an australian philosopher, philosopher of science, who has recently written a wonderful book on african logics and science, number systems of the Yeruba-speaking school-children. wonderful book. Helen is using the term „emergant ontologies“ in ways I’m finding very fruitful for thinking about techno-science and thinking about the kind of figures around which I organise my work.

As a person cursed and blessed with a sacramental conciousness and the indelible mark of having grown up as an irish-catholic in the united states, a kind of indelible understanding that the sign is the thing in itself, the implosion of the sign in substance that is part of  being cursed and blessed with the sacramental conciousness, the literalness of metaphor, the materiality of trope, the tropic quality of materiality, the implosion of semioticity and materiality always simply seemed the case about the world as opposed to a particularly fancy theoretical insight or mistake, it simpy seemed the air we breathe, the irreducible semioticity of materiality and vice versa. Figuration as something also inherited out of that same tradition as taking figures as those who collect up and reflect back the hopes of a people. Figures are about collective yearning. Figuration somehow collect up and give back a sense of the possibility of fulfillment or the possibility of damnation or the possibility of some kind of collective inclusion, in figures larger than that to which they explicitly refer. So that I burrowed for many years from Aucherbach’s great work  on mimesis written of course under the conditions of the war, without his library, which is itself a wonderful, ironic commentary on the commentary on history of literature. […]“

Vielleicht ist es Ihnen schon aufgefallen, dass ich Schwierigkeiten hatte, Satzzeichen zu setzen. Verstehen Sie das hier bitte nicht falsch – als intellektuellen Antiintellektualismus etwa – aber: derartig formloses Geschwätz taugt noch nicht einmal zu Unterhaltungszwecken, wie etwa die Wissenschaftsprosa „überholter“ Theoretiker. Der Jargon dient bloß dazu, die Bedeutung einer schlechten Metapher einer mittelmäßigen Denkerin mit Referenzen und Begriffen, die niemals erläutert werden, aufzublähen.


Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that it’s meaningless or silly.

This is a video of an expert speaking to graduate students. She uses jargon that only seems impenetrable to people who aren’t in these fields/foci of academia.

The things you quoted are standard language in the field, and it’s not more silly than computer guys talking about backside caches and gigabytes.

– illovich, vor 2 Jahren, youtube


Gewöhnlich glaubt der Mensch, wenn er nur Worte hört/         Es müsse sich dabei doch auch was denken lassen.

– Goethe, Faust I, Vers 2565 f. (Mephistopheles)


I’m not spending my whole life, trying to understand that mumbo jumbo.

– The Hooded Negro Intellectual and Critic (s. „Hilfreiches“)


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